Christian Bellini, P.Eng., FEC

Structural Engineer

Director, Engineers Canada

Candidate for Vice-President, PEO





I am a practicing structural engineer.  As a Partner at my firm Blackwell, which I have helped grow from 2 people to over 60, I split my time between doing engineering design and running the firm – I have a strong foundation in both engineering and business.  I also serve on the Board of Engineers Canada.  I have spent the last 15 years volunteering extensively for PEO and most recently served a term on PEO Council.  23 years of project based work has helped me develop a strong ability to pragmatically lead teams, finding common ground and building consensus without compromising basic principles.

I am running for to serve as Vice President because I am passionate about engineering regulation and - in particular - about maintaining and advancing PEO’s self-regulation model.  We have been rightly granted legislative authority to regulate engineering in Ontario - as engineers we are best qualified to do this.  However, we need not look far to see very real risks to our self-regulation.  Recent events in Quebec and BC demonstrate that we cannot take this responsibility for granted.   We must be constantly re-evaluating and improving how we regulate the profession to serve the people of Ontario.  The engineering landscape has changed significantly in the last two decades - from how we educate, work and recognize engineering in the workplace.  We must commit to modernizing our governance, our licensing requirements and our processes in a way that enhances our role, maintains high standards and allows licensed engineers to do their jobs improving people’s lives and growing the economy of Ontario and Canada.  If elected, I intend to build on the current Governance Review and set this process in motion.  Completing this work thoroughly and thoughtfully will take more than the length of one term of office, so we must lay the groundwork now.

So what made me decide to run for Council again?  As an organization PEO faces some current significant challenges and I believe my extensive regulatory and business experience will be valuable in leading the way to the future.  Some of the challenges are:


  1. A need to ensure that all engineering practitioners, regardless of their field or type of practice, are licensed.  While enforcement will always be an important tool, increasing the real and perceived value of licensure will have the biggest impact.
  2. Modernizing our licensing process to encourage more engineering practitioners to follow through on licensure.
  3. Protecting our self-regulatory mandate by pursuing external regulatory and governance reviews and acting on them to ensure that our service to the people of Ontario is at the cutting edge of engineering regulation.
  4. Working collaboratively with EC, OSPE, CEO and our other partner organizations to ensure that we do not mix our mandates, but cover all aspects of engineering in Ontario and Canada.




Honours B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering with an option in Management Sciences, University of Waterloo, 1994.


Career Summary

Blackwell Structural Engineers

Senior Principal / 2014-Present

Principal / 2008–2014

Senior Associate / 2005–2008

Associate / 1998–2005

EIT / 1995–1998

University of Waterloo

            Adjunct Faculty / 2014-Present

Having worked at this firm for 24 years, I have helped it grow from two people in 1995 to a firm of over 60 staff members that provides structural engineering services on a wide range of projects across many building categories. Many of the projects completed by Blackwell have been honoured with awards in both architecture and engineering, and in my own portfolio I count several projects that have been awarded the Governor General’s Medals in Architecture. Additionally, since 2014 I have taught undergraduate structural design courses at the University of Waterloo.  I am also frequently a guest critic at Architecture Studio Reviews at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Dalhousie University.


Professional Activities

Current PEO Service

• Experience Requirements Committee (former Chair, Vice-Chair)

• 30x30 Task-Force (Vice-Chair)

• Licensing Committee

• Advisory Committee on Volunteers (former Vice-Chair)

Past PEO Service

• Executive Committee

• Legislation Committee (Chair)

• Finance Committee

• Consulting Engineer Designation Committee

• National Framework Task-Force (Vice-Chair)

• Overlapping Practices Committee (Chair)

• National Mobility Task-Force

Engineers Canada Service

• Director, Engineers Canada Board

• Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board

• Licensing Affairs Committee (Vice-Chair)

• Competency-Based Project for the Assessment of Engineering Work Experience

   – participated in various stages of the development of this initiative

• Canadian Framework for Licensure – participating in this initiative

Community Service

• Director and President of a student housing cooperative of over 900 students

• Director and Secretary of Kindercircle Daycare, Toronto

International Community Service

I helped to form an alliance of four engineering firms in Toronto to supply 18 months of pro-bono engineering services to re-build schools in Haiti after the earthquake. The work of the alliance included design to Canadian building codes and standards, a presence on site during construction in an advisory role and training of local engineers to continue with the programme. This project won a Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award, an Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada Award and a Wood Design Award.

I hope that I can count on your support.