Christian Bellini, P.Eng., FEC

Structural Engineer

Candidate for Vice-President, PEO



Statement of Intent / PEO 2018

I am honoured and enthusiastic to be running for the position of Vice-President after having served on as a Councillor-at-Large and after many varied years doing volunteer work on numerous committees and task forces at PEO.

Today we find ourselves a in a challenging place when it comes to the regulation of engineering.  Recent years have seen enormous changes in how we do engineering, from how we educate to how we work and even to how we recognize engineering in the workplace.  Our regulating processes were set up and refined over the years to address the traditional engineering disciplines (mine included) and we do that very well.  However changes to how we educate, emerging disciplines in engineering as well as emerging technologies inside or outside of engineering have blurred the lines between work that has to be carried out by Licensed Engineers and those with more generic technical backgrounds.  If we do not act to modernize the way we evaluate education and work experience, we risk becoming an organization which only regulates the traditional fields and not new emerging fields of engineering.

Recent experience with our ultimately unsuccessful attempt to remove the industrial exception has shown that governments are more likely to be swayed by loud and effective lobby efforts than by logical arguments.  We need a new approach which involves working with all sides - government, industry and engineers - to create a common understanding of the enormous value that licensed engineers can bring to the table.  This is my strength - my ability to work within a team to find common ground and build consensus, without compromising basic principles.

Principled and Pragmatic Leadership – Whether it’s managing an engineering project, running a business or sitting at a boardroom table, my greatest strength has always been to find common ground amongst people with varied opinions; to use the best ideas from all sides to develop strategies that have broad support. Intransigence is not a way forward.

An Active Practicing Engineer on Council – I have been practicing engineering for over 20 years, starting as an EIT, and now as a partner in a 45-person structural engineering firm with offices in Ontario and Nova Scotia. I am actively involved in design engineering on a daily basis, in addition to my work running the business.

Fiscally Smart – Our main responsibility in running the PEO must be to regulate the profession as effectively as possible as well as as cost-effectively as possible, so that money is well spent, and that fees are kept as reasonable as possible. I have considerable experience running and growing a business. While PEO is not a “business” in the traditional sense, it is nonetheless a financial entity that needs to work efficiently.

Regulation by Engineers – Self-Regulation - is Key – Through the Professional Engineers Act, the Government recognizes that the best people to regulate engineering are engineers and they have entrusted us with this duty.  A well regulated profession is a strong profession, which is in the public’s interest as well as being in the interest of our member engineers.  We must do this by ensuring that engineering plays a central role in protecting the public interest.  This should be the underlying consideration in every decision made at Council. We are not serving the profession if we are not continually facilitating our members’ ability to competently practice engineering in a manner that serves the public.



Honours B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering with an option in Management Sciences, University of Waterloo, 1994.

Career Summary

Blackwell Structural Engineers

Senior Principal / 2014 - Present

Principal / 2008 – 2014

Senior Associate / 2005 – 2008

Associate / 1998 – 2005

EIT / 1995 – 1998

University of Waterloo

            Adjunct Faculty / 2014 - Present

Having worked at this firm for over 20 years, I have helped it grow from two people in 1995 to a firm of over 50 staff members that provides structural engineering services on a wide range of projects across many building categories. Many of the projects completed by Blackwell (previously Blackwell Bowick Partnership Limited and Blackwell Engineering) have been honoured with awards in both architecture and engineering, and in my own portfolio I count several projects that have been awarded the Governor General’s Medals in Architecture. Additionally, since 2014 I have taught undergraduate structural design courses at the University of Waterloo.  I am also frequently a guest critic at Architecture Studio Reviews at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Dalhousie University.

Professional Activities

Current PEO Service

• Experience Requirements Committee (former Chair, Vice-Chair)

• National Framework Task Force (Vice-Chair)

• Licensing Committee

• Advisory Committee on Volunteers

Past PEO Service

• Overlapping Practices Committee (Chair)

• National Mobility Task Force

Engineers Canada Service

• Licensing Affairs Committee (Vice-Chair)

• Competency-Based Project for the Assessment of Engineering Work Experience

   – participated in various stages of the development of this initiative

• Canadian Framework for Licensure – participating in this initiative

Community Service

• Director and President of a student housing cooperative of over 900 students

• Director and Secretary of Kindercircle Daycare, Toronto

International Community Service

I helped to form an alliance of four engineering firms in Toronto to supply 18 months of pro-bono engineering services to re-build schools in Haiti after the earthquake. The work of the alliance included design to Canadian building codes and standards, a presence on site during construction in an advisory role and training of local engineers to continue with the programme. This project won a Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award, an Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada Award and a Wood Design Award.

I hope that I can count on your support.